Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, here's something I just discovered - having a deeply crappy day in Paris is just as horrible as it is anywhere else.  Today was my worst day here thus far - I had some times in January when I was a bit down due to the weather and lack of money and lack of friends, but this?  This was awful.  And let me tell you, all the beauty in a place like this won't cheer you up when you've been knocked this low and all the great wine in France is useless if you're too freakin' upset to drink it (which, for me, is a particularly miserable state of affairs!).

So there you go.  This blog is about life in Paris and sometimes life in Paris sucks.  Now you know.  Sorry, I am sure I will be cheerful again tomorrow but you know, I just couldn't bring it tonight...

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