Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have nice friends

I think I jinxed myself - no sooner do I say that I am trying not to miss a day of posting in April, what do I do?  Yep, miss a day.  Damn.  Sorry about that!  Not totally my fault, though - yesterday I started my unpaid job at the bar and after an exhausting day there (for which I made €15 in tips - doesn't sound like much but tipping isn't the done thing in Paris, so it's actually pretty good), I then had to rush off to meet a friend who is in town from London for a couple of days.  

The totally awesome Miss P took me for a much-needed glass of wine and then very kindly offered to buy me dinner in order to keep this starving writer from, you know, starving.  I suppose I could have come home and blogged instead, but... Gentle readers, you know I love you all more than I love my shoes (which is a LOT), but I don't love you more than a free steak dinner with a lovely friend - sorry!  Hey, try living on 5 euros a day and see how many dinner invitations you turn down...

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