Thursday, April 29, 2010

Totally crap outfit of the week

It's been a while since I did one of these, for the very good reason that I currently don't have as much time to wander and take photos as I did previously.  But I was lucky (?) enough to snap a shot of this lady so I now have something to share with you,  although I am sure you went running for the eye bleach as soon as you saw the photo and will hence not be able to read this post, but I shall continue below nonetheless.

Well, this outfit - what can I say?  Other than the completely freakin' obvious: Madame, you are in PARIS.   Make. An. Effort.  I mean, is there even one redeeming quality to this outfit? (That's rhetorical, don't bother looking, you won't find anything.).  Rolled-up shorts can be quite cute, but not these ones, and while I'm criticizing, might I just suggest that one might want to re-think light colours when one's bottom reaches a certain size?  Too bitchy?  Too bad!  I'm just getting started.  Where was I?  Oh yes, I think I was about to comment that the oversized jacket and oversized scarf and oversized bag slung across it all is also not flattering to anyone larger than Kate Moss.  But that is a minor nit-pick compared to the hideousness of the clunky grey boots worn with mustard-yellow tights, and I find myself wondering who would think it a good idea to EVER wear mustard-yellow tights?  Which leads to the question:  who would pay good money to buy them?  And to follow that thought to its logical conclusion: why would any company ever manufacture such a hideous thing in the first place???  One of life's great mysteries, I'm afraid.  Right up there with why is the Earth round?  Why are we here?  Why do Italian men always wear tight trousers? And why do I always notice?

Erm, sorry, got a little off-topic there, but really, can you blame me???

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