Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay, that was embarrassing.

Well, I just re-read yesterday's post and that was just a great big fat downer, wasn't it???  Yikes!  Sorry about that, but I am trying to be honest about my experiences here and, well, sometimes it ain't all sunsets over the Seine and champagne at the Ritz (although wouldn't that be nice??).

Anyway, I'm over it now.  I guess it was just that I was finally feeling like things were really coming together for me here and then someone took a very hard shot at my confidence and it shook me up.  But my kind and lovely friends basically picked me up and put me back together again and I am reminded that having these truly awesome people as friends is a pretty good sign that I might just be an okay person too.

Aaaaaand that will be the end of self-pity and introspection for this week (and hopefully forever if we're all in luck!).  Tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming  - I think it might be time for the Totally Crap Outfit of the Week and it should be a good one, I'm ready to strap my bitch on and reallllllllly have a go at someone's hideous fashion sense...

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